Ayurveda is the most ancient form of holistic healing, established in India over 5,000 years ago. The translation of the sanskrit word translates as: ayur = life, veda = sacred knowledge, and is often referred to as the sister-science to yoga. Ayurveda is the self-study of the connection and balance between the elements in the mind, body, spirit. 

Balance in all aspects of life is the key to vibrant health. When you live in tune with the unique ratio of the elements within you, you have the power to be your own greatest healer. In ayurveda, there is no one-size-fits-all path– it truly honors that each individual is one of a kind.

what to expect

First, we will focus on mindset when it comes to the body—we’ll go deep, figure out blocks and limiting beliefs, and work to reprogram them from there. You’ll learn how to decipher between feeling into your body vs thinking about your body. This encourages a beautiful partnership between soul and vessel. 

From there, we’ll move into food—elemental qualities of foods and how these qualities show up in the body and mind. By understanding the cues you’re receiving, the stress of what to eat diminishes, as you intuitively know the types of foods you need based on how you’re feeling.

Finally, we’ll implement all of these practices into your daily life, so it becomes second nature to you. The goal is to approach life and our nourishment with mindful presence. This is not a form of diet culture, but rather a journey to empower you to listen to your own inner guidance when it comes to your health and lifestyle goals.

plan options

90-Minute Intake Session: $250

This session is to discuss where you are in your health lifestyle journey and your goals for where you would like to be. We will:

  • Do a full intake to discover the ratio of the 5 Great Elements within your mind and body, otherwise known as, dosha.
  • A brief overview of ayurveda and simple ways to apply it to your daily life.

*Price will be applied to the purchase of the 3 month package if we decide to move forward with working together.

Transform: 3 Month 1:1 Package: $2,640

The most intimate way to work together. For three months, we will dive deep into the relationship you have with your body, how to understand your unique elemental makeup, and how to live in a way that keeps you feeling your best. You are your own healer, I am just here to guide you and encourage you, as you learn the cues of your body and mind.

What’s included: 

  • 3 month Investment
  • 12 60 Minute 1:1, in person or virtual
  • Self-study content in the form of recorded videos, worksheets, journal prompts and guided meditations
  • Bespoke 10 and 3-day resets to transition into new seasons with recipes and daily routines provided

*Each appointment will book out for two hours in order to provide time for me to work on your session notes, weekly goals, and educational content. 

This package is for you if you are ready to make lasting changes in order to live a holistic lifestyle that aligns with YOU.

*Marshall Harbison is not a medical doctor. She does not diagnose, treat or prescribe medicine. All information is provided for educational purposes. Consult with a medical doctor before taking any herbal supplement or starting a new health regimen.

Balance Your Body. Calm Your Mind.