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Inhale. Take control of your inner strength. Recognize your potential for inner harmony and indulge in a massage by one of our licensed therapists to truly find the time you need to exhale.

Our Licensed Massage Therapists are committed to serving your individual needs for a balanced body and calm mind. Modalities such as craniosacral, neuromuscular, energy, trigger point, and MFR may be incorporated in response to individual needs and conditions.

tension release massage

Targeting specific areas of muscle tension, this treatment is for those with limited time.
45-minute starting @ $76

clinical massage

Addressing injured, soft tissues of the body with techniques that include myofascial release and trigger point therapy to help relax connective tissues and muscles.
45-minute starting @ $86
70-minute starting @ $118
90-minute starting @ $148

swedish massage

Gentle traditional techniques are designed to ease tension and promote pure relaxation.
70-minute starting @ $104
90-minute starting @ $136
120-minute starting @ $168

therapeutic deep tissue massage

This treatment produces profound pain relief by releasing chronically tight muscles, using integrated techniques and our signature handcrafted, warming balm.
70-minute starting @ $116
90-minute starting @ $148
120-minute starting @ $180

aromatherapy massage

A Swedish treatment incorporating our signature essential oils for complete mind-body balance.
70-minute starting @ $116
90-minute starting @ $152
120-minute starting @ $184

sports massage

Promoting flexibility, reduction of fatigue, improved endurance, injury prevention and preparation of the body and mind for optimal performance.
70-minute starting @ $112
90-minute starting @ $142
120-minute starting @ $172

prenatal massage

A Swedish treatment that nurtures and supports the unique needs of expectant mothers.
70-minute starting @ $114
90-minute starting @ $146
120-minute starting @ $170

side-by-side massage

Embark on a blissful, customized spa journey with someone special. Choose from any of the modalities listed above.
70-minute starting @ $104
90-minute starting @ $136
120-minute starting @ $168

hot stone massage

Take a delightful journey of healing and relaxation with a combination of deep heat therapy and cool mint aromatherapy to awaken your senses and rejuvenate your body.
70-minute starting @ $124
90-minute starting @ $154
120-minute starting @ $186

detoxifying hammam ritual

Awaken and infuse your skin with a purifying body treatment that begins and ends with the Hammam. A stimulating granular exfoliation followed by an antioxidant-rich chocolate truffle body masque that infuses skin with nourishing botanicals to draw out impurities and replenish hydration. A relaxing head massage and foot treatment provide total bliss during this experience of whole-body renewal.
2.5-hours starting @ $168


complement your massage and achieve balance from head to toe

coconut scalp treatment

Enjoy a relaxing head massage with our signature blend of rosemary, cedarwood and citrus which improves mental clarity and stimulates the scalp for healthy hair growth.
starting @ $38

seasonal body glow

Experience our signature organic scrub of pure cane sugar & coconut oil, infused with essential oils for total skin renewal and softness.

starting @ $82

feet retreat

Love your feet with a seasonal organic scrub, wrapped in warm towels and combined with a reflexology treatment to sooth the roots of your soles.

starting @ $38

All three of the above enhancements

starting @ $130

Balance Your Body. Calm Your Mind.