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Inhale. Take control of your self care. Recognize your potential for inner harmony and indulge in a massage by one of our licensed therapists to truly find the time you need to exhale.

Our Licensed Massage Therapists are committed to serving your individual needs for a balanced body and calm mind. Modalities such as neuromuscular, energy, trigger point, and MFR may be incorporated in response to individual needs and conditions.

blueberry soy slimming body treatment

This blueberry slimming treatment combines the antioxidant healing power of a blueberry sugar scrub and the firming and hydrating benefits of a blueberry body wrap. This treatment stimulates circulation to refine and firm the appearance of your skin. We finish with a firming coconut hydration application leaving with your skin feeling silky smooth and refreshed
60-minute $122

customized therapeutic massage

This treatment is customized to your needs by releasing chronically tight muscles, using integrated techniques and our signature handcrafted, warming balm that works on targeted areas.
45-minute $80
70-minute $116
90-minute • $148
120-minute • $180

aromatherapy massage

A customized treatment incorporating our signature essential oils for complete mind-body balance.
70-minute $134
90-minute $166
120-minute $198

mountain mama massage

A prenatal treatment that nurtures and supports the unique needs of expectant mothers.
70-minute $120
90-minute $154

tropical massage

A treatment that teleports you to beaches and palm trees. Choose between our Whitefish, Montana made tropical, organic blends: Coconilla, Jasmine Frangipani, Thai Lemongrass, or Ginger Spice.
70-minute $134
90-minute $166
120-minute • $198

cupping massage

Cupping is an ancient form of alternative medicine used to speed injury recovery, release tension and to even fend off a cold or flue. Like a reverse massage, instead of pushing, it pulls the muscle tissue allowing blood flow to clear stagnation and remove toxins, bring in fresh oxygen regenerating healthy cells. Cupping will be focused on an area of concern during your full body massage.

Cupping leaves light pink to dark purple markings that will last up to a week
60-minute $124

side-by-side massage

Embark on a blissful, customized spa journey with someone special. Choose from any of the modalities listed above. Call to book.
70-minute starting at $116 each
90-minute starting at $148 each
120-minute starting at $180 each

hyalite hot stone massage

Take a delightful journey of healing and relaxation with a combination of deep heat therapy and cool mint aromatherapy to awaken your senses and rejuvenate your body.
70-minute • $124
90-minute $154
120-minute $186

detoxifying ritual

Awaken and infuse your skin with a purifying body treatment that begins and ends with the Hammam. A stimulating granular exfoliation followed by a Stone Crop body wrap that replenishes hydration. A relaxing head massage and foot treatment provides total bliss during this experience of whole-body renewal. Please remember to bring a swimsuit for the Hammam.

vibrational sound therapy

Sound therapy invites you to drop into your theta brain waves and relax the mind and body through vibration with the use of various sized Himalayan therapeutic sound bowls, ting shas, and striking mallets played on and around the body to bring awareness and alignment.
45-minute • $84
70-minute $104
90-minute $124
120-minute $144

fire cupping

Performed by our acupuncturist, fire cupping therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine and can be used to speed injury recovery, release tension and even to fend off a cold or flu. It can help with pain, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation and as a type of deep-tissue massage. Cupping is like a reverse massage; instead of pushing into the tissue, it pulls so the blood flows through and clears stagnation and rapidly regenerates healthy cells. It can feel similar in intensity to a deep-tissue massage. Because the suction pulls from under the fascia layer it can help to loosen phlegm for a cough or congestion and detoxifies; it also aids in circulation of blood and lymph, increases blood flow to remove toxins and brings in fresh oxygen.

There are many types of cupping, but fire cupping is the most traditional or original form in Chinese medicine. We use glass cups and the fire creates a strong suction to help remove “cold” in the body which is known to slow down circulation. Heat is nourishing for people who are drained and tired, so fire cupping can give you the boost you need!

Fire cupping should never hurt but it can leave marks on your back and shoulders. The color of these depends on your body and your blood flow and will heal anywhere between 1 day – 1 week. Don’t plan to wear a backless dress the day after cupping unless you want to show off your self care!

30-minute $59


Complement your massage and achieve balance from head to toe.


choose from our 3 locally made signature blends

Bali inspired massage oil

choice of Montana made tropical, organic blends: coconilla, jasmine frangipani, Thai lemongrass, or ginger spice

body therapy CBD salve

1000mg of CBD applied to ease muscle tension & joint discomfort, increasing relaxation

coconut scalp treatment

enjoy a relaxing head massage with our signature blend of rosemary, cedarwood and citrus which improves mental clarity and stimulates the scalp for healthy hair growth.

15- minute • $38

seasonal body glow

experience our signature stone crop organic scrub of pure cane sugar & coconut oil, infused with essential oils for total skin renewal and softness.

30- minute • $82

feet retreat

love your feet with an organic scrub, wrapped in warm towels and combined with a reflexology treatment to sooth the roots of your soles.

15- minute • $38

enhancement package- coconut scalp treatment, seasonal body glow, and feet retreat

60- minute •  $130

natural sunless tanning

Get a beautiful, naturally bronzed tan without damage from the sun’s rays or harmful chemicals. Our DHA formula is recommended by the American Cancer Society. Enriched with only the highest quality ingredients, it will leave the skin with a soft and supple tan that lasts up to 10 days. Choose from a variety of tones and pigments to suit skin type.
single session$48
six-session package (buy five get one complimentary) • $240

* For best results shower and exfoliate prior to your tanning session. Do not apply oils, lotions or cosmetics to any part of your body since these products inhibit the tanning process. Do not shower, workout or come in contact with water for at least 2-4 hours. Dark colored, loose fitting clothing and sandals are recommended. Our naturally derived bronzer washes out of all fabrics except leather and silk

led therapy bed treatment

led light therapy is a non-invasive, soothing
and gentle treatment that sets in motion the
body’s inherent pain-relieving process utilizing the
power of LightStim MultiWave® Patented Technology. It is also a natural, holistic way to increase Nitric Oxide levels. This naturally occurring compound is produced when the body is in a healthy state, such as after exercise or when you have low cholesterol. Nitric Oxide allows cells to heal, expands your blood vessels, increases blood flow, and decreases blood clotting.
healing. Bringing blood flow to areas that need healing, Nitric Oxide is instrumental in keeping your skin vibrant and healthy. Areas of the body that benefit from Nitric Oxide production include your muscles, arteries, bones, skin, and even your brain.
stronger immune system. An increase of Nitric Oxide in the blood will fight bacteria, strengthen white blood cells, and even resist tumors. Scientists have studied its ability to reduce the risk for certain cancers!
regulating blood pressure. By stimulating a healthy and consistent blood flow, arteries become dilated and regain flexibility, reversing the hardening of the arteries that happens with age.
improving Memory. More Nitric Oxide in the blood means more blood to the brain. Increasing blood flow not only improves cognitive thoughts but has been shown to prevent Alzheimer’s.
improvement of Erectile Dysfunction. As men age their bodies change and don’t always respond the way they used to. By the time a man might need Viagra, his production of Nitric Oxide or the total available quantity of it can be extremely depleted. Research has found that low-level light therapy increases the output of Nitric Oxide and increases blood flow, which can considerably improve erectile function.
60- minute • $114

Balance Your Body. Calm Your Mind.