• Hammam Experience

Currently available to Lifestyle Members, this is a convenient in-town alternative to the hot springs. The Hammam is an integral part of The Loft Spa’s approach to whole body purification and wellness. For centuries people have used hot and cold therapy to relieve muscle and joint pain, boost the immune system, detoxify the body and promote deep relaxation.
This experience helps to create a lasting and deeply energizing sensation that is profoundly effective in increasing blood circulation and promoting healthy skin tone and texture.
60 minutes 
* Shower required prior to Hammam
* Limited to one person or a couple at a time
* Please bring swimsuit (required)
* Members bring own towel (and robe if desired)
* Use of steam, dry sauna, cold immersion tub and Kneipp hose

Energize Your Body and Promote Health With Hammam