• Lifestyle Membership

We believe in you. We believe in your commitment. We understand how life throws obstacles your way. Here at The Loft Spa, you’ll find comfort in knowing there’s a time and a place for unwinding on your own terms and taking time for yourself when you need it the most.

With your Lifestyle Membership, take more control of your wellness regimen. Immerse yourself in experiences designed to help you find that balance. Take the time to exhale, find your inner harmony and ease your peace of mind. Our therapists believe in you and share in your commitment to change, heal and discover all the goodness that contributes to your beauty regimen.

Member Benefits

• Weekly complimentary Hammam visits
• Special pricing on services (unlimited)
• 20% off special order retail offerings
• $262 for one year
• $164 for six months
• $98 for three months

*To be paid in full on initiation

Ready to Enjoy the Benefits of A Lifestyle Membership?