• Nails

We know choosing a color can mean everything, that showing off your freshly polished nails can help you make a statement and empower you to take a stand. Because we believe strong opinions should always be accompanied by a strong voice and even stronger nails.

All treatments may be pre-purchased in packages of five (5% off) or ten (10% off)


shaping, massage, cuticle care and buff or polish.
manicurestarting @ $36.00
pedicurestarting @ $56.00


aromatherapy soak, shaping, cuticle care, exfoliation, masque, massage and buff or polish.
manicurestarting @ $46.00
pedicurestarting @ $68.00

presto polish

enhance your classic treatment with up to 14-day wear, zero dry time and mirror finish.
manicurestarting @ $56.00
pedicure starting @ $76.00

shellac removal

includes restoration of nail healthstarting @ $24.00
same day add onstarting @ $12.00

Your Nails Are A Reflection of Your Strength