• Wellness Coaching

Sometimes, it’s a challenge sticking with those health and wellness goals, given your unique circumstances. You know what you need to do, but perhaps you need some support to help you re-discover joy in the process, and keep your aim accountable and your targets within reach. And they are in reach! If this sounds like you (you’re not alone), we urge you to reach out to our compassionate and capable wellness coach, Emma, to assist you along your personal journey.

Wellness coaching is a strengths-based approach to making lasting lifestyle changes. Virtual consultations are available today to aid you along your path to abundance, whatever that may mean to you.

meet your coach

Hello! My name is Emma. I am a Mayo Clinic Trained Wellness Coach and an AMGA Single Pitch rock-climbing Instructor.

I help individuals who know what they need for their health and well-being and struggle to integrate this wisdom into their everyday lives.

My clients strive to stay well. No matter our excellent intentions, when we return from an adventure or retreat or leave the clinic or spa, it can be challenging to stick with these intentions when stressors settle back in.

I support the integration of health and wellness into your everyday life by:
1. Creating a nonjudgemental and collaborative presence for you to notice where you are, envision where you want to be, and find enjoyment along the journey to sustained health and wellness
2. Helping you simplify, clarify, and put into practice your health and wellness goals
3. Supporting you as you foresee and work through obstacles that will arise
4. Providing accountability for positive growth in your life

Coaching is a dynamic collaboration. As a coach, I’m not here to “fix” anything because you are not broken. I meet you wherever you are and go with you from there.

Whether you feel like you have a long way to go, or perhaps, you’re almost where you need to be, I help you re-establish your motivation, wonder, and healthy boundaries you need to continue. Experience a transformation of your strengths, values, and vision in action during our time together and beyond.

Want to coach with me? You can sign up here to schedule our 45-minute consultation session to see if we’re a good match for one another.

With love,

● Mayo Clinic Trained Wellness Coach through the Mayo Clinic Wellness Coach Training Program
● Bachelor of the Arts in Rhetoric and Writing Studies from San Diego State University
● American Mountain Guides Association ( AMGA ) Certified Single-Pitch rock-climbing Instructor
● Wilderness First Aid & CPR Certified
● Aspirant
National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching (NBC-HWC) -Expected Completion October 2020

● Health and Wellness Coach
● Hiking, Trail-Running, and Single Pitch Rock-Climbing Guide
● Re-Write Storytelling Workshop Facilitator

Wellness Coaching is NOT:
● Psychotherapy or counseling
● Diagnosing or treating disease
● Prescribing medication, workouts, or diet plans
● An expert or mentor giving advice

plan options

Since a big part of the coaching process is meeting you where you are , all coaching sessions may be on the phone, video-call, or outside and in-person depending on your comfort level and preference.

Discovery Session — $50

A 45-minute wellness coaching session to clarify where you are in your health and wellness journey, explore which areas of your life you want to see growth in, and DISCOVER* the coaching process.

(You may put the $50 fee toward any coaching package)

Ascend: 3 Months (12 Weeks) Private 1:1 Coaching — $1,450

This individualized program includes twelve 60-minute private coaching sessions, two 30-minute follow-up sessions, and phone support in between sessions for three consecutive months to help you along each step of your journey to better health and sustained wellness.

This program follows the Mayo Clinic’s Coaching Principles:
● Engage: Build collaborative, empowering relationships with individuals and groups.
● Explore: Help individuals identify and explore their strengths, values, and motivation.
● Envision: Facilitate an intrinsically-motivated vision for success.
● Experiment: Support clients as they transform their values, strengths, and vision into action.
● Evolve: Provide accountability for lasting change.

Alpine Start: 2-Hour Action Planning Session — $250

This option is for you if you know what you need and crave some extra support in organizing your ideas and goal-setting.

The Alpine Start will help you to:
● Identify your strengths, values, purpose, and priorities.
● Clarify a vision of yourself at your best.
● Set enjoyable goals using the evidence-based motivational strategy developed by Gabriele Oettingen called W.O.O.P.

The Alpine Start does not facilitate:
● Guidance each week to work through challenges
● Support during the experimentation phase
● Accountability for creating lasting change

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