Deborah Beauchamp licensed massage therapist is happy to add her 27 years of practice in massage and movement re education to the Loft Spa in Bozeman, MT. The Loft Spa supports her belief in holistic health and wellness by nurturing the whole self. And providing a safe and relaxing atmosphere that enhances the clients experience.

Deborah has training certificates in several modalities of body work. She trained with Paul St. John who developed the St. John method of Neuromuscular Therapy. And holds a certificate in advanced Neuromuscular techniques.

She is also skilled in the Hanna Somatic movement re education program. This system of movement therapy helps further releases soft tissue tension and constraints by reawakening the minds control of movement, flexibility, and health. Deborah has also studied with the Upledger program for Cranio-Sacral therapy. She is happy to add techniques in Russian sports massage, as well as traditional Swedish and deep tissue massage therapy.

Deborah migrated to Montana in 1975 for the mountains, clean air, and outdoor lifestyle. She enjoys climbing the high peaks, hiking, kayaking , rafting and biking and walking her dog, Frida.

She looks forward to your booking a massage appointment with her or any of the qualified massage therapist available at the Loft Spa.