The Look glowing
The Feel light and fresh

A moisturizing, natural bronzer and self-tanner for face and body.

  • Bronzer provides instant, healthy-looking color
  • Builds a gradual, natural looking tan within three days, for optimum control and customization
  • Fresh citrus fragrance
  • Streak-free formula
  • Sensitivity tested for use on face and body
  • Provides natural hydration to the skin
  • Application for Face: Squeeze a dime-sized amount onto your finger. Touch the forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin with the finger to distribute product. Using sweeping motions, start at the center of the face and blend outward until you’re pleased with the coverage. Wash hands thoroughly. Apply daily until a golden tan has been achieved
  • Application for Body:Squeeze an amount the size of a quarter in the palm of hand. Rub hands together two to three times to distribute the product across palms Smooth on one section at a time until product is absorbed using long, back-and-forth strokes. Repeat the steps above until the desired coverage is reached. Wash hands thoroughly. Apply daily until a golden tan has been achieved
  • To minimize the chance of transfer to clothing, allow 15-20 minutes before getting dressed
  • The Blending Brush may be used to blend Tantasia
  • Use frequently to maintain color

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